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Stories from the Sea
  • Stories from the Sea
  • Documentary
  • The Mediterranean has always played a central role in our world. It is crossed, made use of, enjoyed, feared and loved every day, every night. Stories from the Sea portrays women aboard three vessels who experience the Mediterranean Sea as a place of longing, a place of work, or a scene of human encounters. The all-encompassing waters, unceasing waves and distant horizons are elements that link the protagonists, regardless of their motivation to go out to sea.
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Stories from the Sea 2021-10-26
Carceller, the Man Who Died Twice
  • Carceller, the Man Who Died Twice
  • Documentary
  • The life story of Vicente Miguel Carceller (1890-1940), a Spanish editor committed to freedom who, through his weekly magazine La Traca, connected with the common people while maintaining a dangerous pulse with the powerful.
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Carceller, the Man Who Died Twice 2021-10-24
I Am Richard Pryor
  • I Am Richard Pryor
  • Documentary
  • The life story of Richard Pryor (1940-2005), the legendary performer and iconic social satirist who transcended racial and social barriers with his honest, irreverent and biting humor.
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I Am Richard Pryor 2021-10-21
Reflections of Nature
  • Reflections of Nature
  • Documentary
  • Reflections of Nature is a 2021 experimental short film, touching on the relationship man has with mother nature, and how they coexist in this ever changing modern world.
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Reflections of Nature 2021-10-22
Reines, pour l'amour du rap
Reines, pour l'amour du rap 2021-10-25
Kingpin 2021-10-24
Deadly Gorgeous
  • Deadly Gorgeous
  • Documentary
  • Deadly Gorgeous is a documentary about the importance of beauty even after death. Mixing fiction and reality, the film explores the world of corpse makeup artists, cemeteries and a couple that need to think about how their own funerals would be like.
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Deadly Gorgeous 2021-10-24
Les Autres Chemins
Les Autres Chemins 2021-09-24
Imbert, derrière les flammes
Imbert, derrière les flammes 2021-10-23
Diogo’s Bedroom
  • Diogo’s Bedroom
  • Documentary
  • June, 2020. João is back in Diogo’s room, where they share memories, smiles and glimpses after months of being apart due to quarantine. Uncertain about their future, they can only enjoy each other’s company while contemplating the urban landscape.
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Diogo’s Bedroom 2021-10-23
The Birth of Resonance
The Birth of Resonance 2021-10-21
The Last Norwegian Cowboy
  • The Last Norwegian Cowboy
  • Documentary
  • 92 year old John Hoiland is running his large ranch in Montana all by himself. Rich people are lining up to buy his property, but John's wealth is not in the value of the ranch. It lies in the freedom to work his own land.
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The Last Norwegian Cowboy 2021-10-22
Nitrate 2021-10-19
Territórios de Resistência - Florestanias, Sertanias, Ribeirias
  • Territórios de Resistência - Florestanias, Sertanias, Ribeirias
  • Documentary
  • The production brings together records of the last activity carried out during the “Occupação Museu do Ipiranga”, comments from thinkers, indigenous leaders, researches and religious leaders to discuss the symbolic role of the territory in the disputes over narratives and in the processes of resistance of the peoples that coexist in the country .
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Territórios de Resistência - Florestanias, Sertanias, Ribeirias 2021-09-30
How We Forgot to Save the Planet
  • How We Forgot to Save the Planet
  • Documentary
  • Ahead of the COP26 climate change summit taking place in Glasgow, Kieran Hodgson presents this irreverent documentary in which he and an all-star cast of comedy actors explain how people may have left it too late to save the planet - and what it will take to fix it.
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How We Forgot to Save the Planet 2021-10-19
Conversations Between Shifts
  • Conversations Between Shifts
  • Documentary
  • A portrait of Chicagoland ICU nurse Jeanette Alvarez-Basem captured through the perspective of her son Ben Basem. Between her night shifts and Illinois Nurses Association union meetings, Jeanette navigates what it means to be a nurse and a human during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Conversations Between Shifts 2021-10-14
Jugend, Sex und Internet - Wenn Teenager Pornos gucken
Jugend, Sex und Internet - Wenn Teenager Pornos gucken 2021-10-09
Britney vs. Spears
  • Britney vs. Spears
  • Documentary
  • Journalist Jenny Eliscu and filmmaker Erin Lee Carr investigate Britney Spears' fight for freedom by way of exclusive interviews and confidential evidence.
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Britney vs. Spears 2021-09-27
Bottled Songs 1-4
  • Bottled Songs 1-4
  • Documentary
  • Bottled Songs is an ongoing media project depicting strategies for making sense of online terrorist propaganda. Filmmakers and media researchers Chloé Galibert-Laîné and Kevin B. Lee compose letters addressed to each other, narrating their encounters with videos originating from the terrorist group the Islamic State (ISIS). They use a desktop documentary approach to trace and record their investigations playing directly upon their computer screens.
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Bottled Songs 1-4 2021-10-17
The Animal That Therefore I Am
  • The Animal That Therefore I Am
  • Documentary
  • "What does the animal see when it looks at me?" Three animals and a woman in an enclosed space. As they study each other, their own methods of communication create a wordless conversation. We view them in close-up and from various perspectives, with the woman as a solitary species in this universe.
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The Animal That Therefore I Am 2021-10-16
1933-1939 Attaquer Hitler ?
1933-1939 Attaquer Hitler ? 2021-10-16