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Only Nightmares Last Forever
  • Only Nightmares Last Forever
  • Mystery
  • A young man desperate to achieve enlightenment destroys his body and is reborn, only to find himself trapped in a vicious and seemingly inescapable cycle.
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Only Nightmares Last Forever 2021-10-26
  • Mystery
  • After his daughter comes home traumatised from her walk, a concerned father calls two police officers to his house to uncover what it is that's left her speechless.
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SILENT 2021-10-24
A Shot in the Fog
A Shot in the Fog 2021-10-21
Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Vows We Have Made
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Vows We Have Made
  • Mystery
  • As Shane and Oliver prepare to wed, the team helps an unwell boy reunite with a lost friend. A new employee may deliver the answer for Rita and Norman to start a family.
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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Vows We Have Made 2021-10-17
  • Unsichtbar
  • Mystery
  • Sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 29: Anna Schneider collapses in broad daylight on the street in front of her café. The Dresden police investigators Karin Gorniak and Leonie Winkler convince their boss Schnabel to start the investigation into this mysterious death, although the forensic doctor Jonathan Himpe wants to rule out poisoning. They found out that Anna Schneider had recently filed a criminal complaint against an unknown stalker. In addition to the psychological distress, the victim has recently suffered severe physical pain. Every touch, no matter how small, made her flinch. Gorniak is alarmed: She too has had pain attacks for a few days that she cannot explain. The public medical officer cannot determine a medical cause. The detective chief inspector did not know Anna Schneider, but feels that she is being followed by an invisible person. Could there be a connection between the two women?
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Unsichtbar 2021-10-17